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Customer Care Standards

Care Plus is an organisation working in your community across North East Lincolnshire. Care Plus is a social business that provides community health and social care services for adults of all ages and exists to support people to achieve their best quality of life.

We aim to be customer focused throughout all our services in everything that we do. Our services are diverse and entirely about care and supporting those in need in the community. Our aim is that our staff treat service users with dignity and respect throughout the duration of their involvement with Care Plus Group.

Our 10 Customer Care Standards (Our promise to you)

Care Plus Group will:-

  1. Be courteous, helpful, open and honest with you.
  2. Treat you fairly and equally, with respect and dignity.
  3. Consult with you as our customer and involve you in decisions – “Nothing about you without you”.
  4. Use plain language and avoid unnecessary jargon.
  5. Be on time to see you for any arranged appointments and wear our ID badges so you know who we are. We will make sure you know and understand who will be providing your care.
  6. Record your comments, complaints or compliments and use them to improve our services.
  7. Apologise when things go wrong. We will share our understanding of why it happened and involve you in how we plan to reduce the chances of the same mistake happening again.
  8. Produce useful up-to-date, relevant and accessible information about the services we provide.
  9. Ensure records relating to your care are accurate and confidential.
  10. Ensure all our staff are fully trained and competent in all aspects of their jobs.

Click here for information on how to give us feedback on our service.

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