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Care Plus Group is a Community Benefit Society, and as such are owned by our employees rather than shareholders or directors and run for the benefit of our community.

Our profits are re-invested back into the organisation and its social aims rather than paid out in shareholder dividends.

Co-owned businesses are becoming increasingly popular, including household names such as John Lewis, and tend to be more successful, competitive, profitable and sustainable.


The benefits of employee ownership


At the heart of being an employee-owned organisation is a level of transparency. We ensure our members (staff) are kept up to date and have a number of opportunities to have their say and meaningfully influence the direction and decisions of our organisation.

Staff commitment

We depend on the excellence of every staff member and know that when they feel valued and empowered they are better able to deliver outstanding service. By being involved, our employees understand and are committed to delivering on our vision and values.


Large organisations, whether public or private sector, are often cumbersome and inflexible, with hierarchies of decision making that stunt their ability to be agile and make changes. As an employee owned organisation we are flexible and can react quickly to embrace change.


Inefficiency is something that often plagues public sector bodies, with people on the front line having little scope to make suggestions for improvements. We actively encourage staff to tell us what could be improved and made more efficient and we reward their initiative.


With profits being re-invested, rather than paid out in dividends, it allows the money to be kept within the organisation. This is then invested in evolving existing services and developing new services to better meet people’s needs and the needs of our community.


When employees feel valued and listened to, it makes for a happier workforce. This aids not only staff performance but also staff retention. In 2018 71% of our staff would recommend CPG as a place to work, compared to 60% in the NHS nationally (NHS Staff Survey).

How are our staff members involved?

Our staff members are kept up to date in a variety of ways:

· Annual Members Meeting
· Quarterly CPG Connect events
· Staff news and updates

There are opportunities for employees to have their say through the Council of Governors which is made up of representatives from Care Plus staff, volunteers and members of our community. Our Council of Governors acts as a link between our staff members and the Care Plus Group Board.

Our Leadership Team is accessible and open for staff to make suggestions, give feedback and are always looking for good ideas.

We also acknowledge achievements through our quarterly Star Awards which are open to all employees to nominate colleagues and vote.

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