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Equality Impact Assessments

Care Plus Group has a duty and responsibility to ensure that staff operate in an environment that embraces and encourages equality and diversity, and strives to be an employer for whom individuals want to work and promotes best employment practice.

We believe that tackling inequalities provides a strong foundation for cohesive and confident communities.  We believe that all citizens have a right to equal access to life opportunities, including representation, services and employment by Care Plus Group (CPG).

The equalities duties provide a framework for the CPG to carry out its functions more effectively and to tackle discrimination in a proactive way, ensuring that equality considerations are consistently integrated into its day-to-day business through Equality Impact Assessments (EIA).  This will not only prompt legal compliance, but also help to ensure that CPG’s policies, strategies, services best support the healthcare needs of the local population.

EIA is a way of examining our services, strategies, functions and policies to see if it could have a negative or the potential for a negative impact on any of the 9 protected characteristics.

How will the information collected be used?

  • To stop direct/unlawful indirect discrimination happening now and in the future.
  • To make sure that our services are accessible to everyone in the local community.
  • To help improve the way we treat staff and our patients/service users and their families.
  • A reminder that the process is not the most important thing – it’s the outcome that matters.


To view our Service Equality Impact Assessments, please click on the link >HERE<

To view our Policy Equality Impact Assessments, please contact us on either 01472 266966 or email to CPG.CareplusAssure@nhs.net

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