ISO standards

Care Plus Group has been assessed and certified by the British Assessment Bureau against the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

The scope of the registration is:

“The provision of adult health and social care services to people across North East Lincolnshire.” Scoped services are as follows:

  • Intermediate Care At Home
  • Community Urgent Care Team
  • Discharge Team
  • Telephone Triage Service
  • Cambridge Park Rehabilitation and Reablement Unit
  • MacMillan Team
  • Haven Team
  • Community Nursing
  • Employability Services

Our Quality Policy Statement is available here

Care Plus Group’s IT Service, F4 IT has been assessed and registered by the British Assessment Bureau against the following Information Security Standard:

ISO 27001 is the British Standard for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It is the only (ISMS) that is auditable to international standards.

Information is vital to every organisation and the standard provides an auditable method of monitoring, protecting and managing information and data systems.

The scope of the registration is:

“The protection of information for the delivery of I.T. Support services and storage of group data. Services are managed from a single location; data is stored within a primary remote data centre and a secondary remote data centre connected by a high capacity link supporting replication between the two. The boundaries of the ISMS are defined within the physical locations and the end points of the internal and external networks controlled by F4 IT. The technology supporting the services consists of physical files servers, firewalls and supporting MPLS network elements.”

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