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Staff Feedback

The opinions and feedback of our members is important to us

As an employee owned organisation, Care Plus Group values the views of its workforce and regularly gives staff an opportunity to express their opinions. There are two keys ways in which staff can provide feedback to us.

Once a year, we ask staff to complete the Care Plus Group Staff Pulse Survey.  First launched in 2021, this survey focussed on staff morale and wellbeing at work. Staff are also given the opportunity to complete the Care Plus Group Annual Staff Survey.  This longer survey focusses on a wide range of topics to give an valuable insight into our staff experience of working for the organisation.  This data is then collected and monitored, and is used to make real improvements to our employees and service users.

As part of our Strategic Values, we have targets relating to this survey data in order that we can capture if our initiatives are resulting in high levels of staff satisfaction, retention and commitment to Care Plus Group and our services.

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