Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - April

Published: 02-04-2014
Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - April

April is bowel cancer awareness month and volunteers from the Care Plus Cancer Collaborative will be out and about in the local community raising awareness of the signs and symptoms people need to look out for in relation to bowel cancer.

Team members will be available at the following venues to offer advice on the signs and symptoms to look out for.    At the events the team will also be promoting the National Bowel Screening Programme.  The programme offers screening every two years to all men and women who are aged between 60 to 74, with the option of requesting a kit if aged over 75.  

Julie Grimmer, Cancer Programme Manager for Care Plus said:
“It is important for people to recognise the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and to seek help early from their GP - early detection can save lives, If caught early, 9 out of 10 people with bowel cancer will survive’    

In the UK bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer.  Over 40,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year.  More than 8 in 10 cases of bowel cancer occur in people aged 60 or over, but bowel cancer can affect people of all ages.

The following symptoms may be caused by problems that are much less serious than bowel cancer.  Try not to worry if you develop any of them, but do get them checked out.

For further information, please contact the Cancer Collaborative Programme Office on (01472) 232266 or via e-mail or visit


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