Care Plus Group - Proud to be one of the first 100 Public Sector Mutuals

Published: 23-07-2014
Care Plus Group - Proud to be one of the first 100 Public Sector Mutuals

Care Plus Group (CPG) is joining in a celebration being spearheaded by Downing Street this week (21 -25 July) to celebrate a 100th mutual milestone.

There are now 100 mutuals delivering improved local public services in England, ranging from youth to health to conservation services, including 12 in Yorkshire and Humber. Cabinet Office is marking this milestone by celebrating the way mutuals are transforming their local communities.

Care Plus Group is pleased to be one of the first 100 mutuals delivering great public services in communities across North East Lincolnshire, providing community health and adult social care.

Public service mutuals are organisations controlled by their employees, giving front-line staff the freedom to tailor services to their local communities, resulting in higher staff morale and better quality public services. By applying in-depth local knowledge and creativity, mutuals have innovated service delivery to overcome reduced public sector budgets and rising customer demand. Communities rely on the support they provide.

Lance Gardner, Chief Executive of Care Plus Group has been invited to a reception at Downing Street on 23 July.

Lance said:
“It is a great honour for CPG to be one of the first 100 public sector staff owned mutuals in England. I remember Central Surrey becoming the first and I never would have believed that there would be 100 less than 6 years later. This is a significant milestone not only for the public sector throughout England but is also a major boost to all of those individual staff owners who had the courage and conviction to try something different in order to preserve the value of highest quality of public sector provision.”

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