Care Plus Group sign up to Humber Skills Pledge

Published: 16-04-2014
Care Plus Group sign up to Humber Skills Pledge

Care Plus Group have signed up to The Humber Skills Pledge which provides a real opportunity for local people in terms of employment while allowing businesses in this region to become more competitive, more resilient and ready for economic change, backed by a vibrant, multi-skilled workforce.

Sharon Stead, Employability Services Manager for Care Plus Group said:
"Care Plus Group are passionate about supporting the local worklessness and skills agenda. The Skills Pledge supports this ethos and facilitates the opportunity for businesses to ‘grow their own’ workforce.  I would urge all organisations to sign The Skills Pledge empowering them to have a skilled workforce while benefitting the wider community by not only reducing unemployment in the area, it will increase lifetime earnings for individuals and provide a career pathway opportunity’. 

As part of fulfilling the Skills Pledge, Care Plus Group deliver a multi award winning Employability “Pathway Model” which supports local people on a pathway to sustainable employment or further and higher education. This is via various initiatives such as voluntary placements, traineeships, apprenticeships and internships.

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