Celebrating Volunteers Week in Care Plus Group

Message from Jane Miller, Chief Executive:
I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers within Care Plus Group for their dedication, hard work and contribution that they make.  The experience and skills that they bring to Care Plus Group are second to none – a number of our services particularly Hope Street and the Collaboratives rely on volunteers to provide a successful and beneficial service to the community.

It is heart-warming to read from the quotes and stories below how volunteering is a fulfilling way for individuals to give back to the community and make a difference to other peoples lives whilst getting personal benefits in return.

Thank you all for the great work that you do, we couldn’t do what we do without you!

Jane Miller
Chief Executive – Care Plus Group

Quotes from our volunteers:

It’s so good to be working with like-minded people to share information with the public.  It helps to know we are helping folk and though retired we feel that we still have a value. Marilyn

Meeting different kinds of people and feeling I’m making a difference. – Ev

Office Team so friendly and helpful and it is nice to give back to the community. – Gill

I feel useful, it makes me feel valued, I feel part of a team, I get immense satisfaction when I help someone, even in a small way.  The vast majority of people we meet are grateful for what we do.  I like meeting and talking to people.  Volunteering gives me a sense of well-being and appreciation for others.  I have become more tolerant and understanding – Mike

The idea that I might in some small way encourage even one person to go to their doctor, get an early diagnosis and so be successfully treated for cancer is very empowering.  – Liz

Enjoy the feeling of togetherness and disabled people are made to feel very welcome.  – Mary

I have felt so welcomed by the HWB Team from staff, team members and the wider Care Plus. The spirit within the team is one of caring, sharing of information and support.  Going out into the community and delivering the message we have trained for is both rewarding and gives a feeling of satisfaction.

The camaraderie within the HWB Collaborative is second to none, we support one another and everyone is valued and welcome.

The training we receive is excellent and gives us the required skills to promote our service/messages. Support form Julie, Rachel, Lisa, Margaret and co is wonderful, nothing is ever too much trouble and they take a valid interest in us as individuals too. Great work. Thank you – Jan

Dave McGuire

After being a HGV for over 30 years, owing to health problems, I had to surrender my HGV licence.  Being at a loose end and not knowing what to do, I started volunteering with Accord to help the NHS.

After a few months the Collaboratives caught my attention so I started helping them, doing things like Snug as a Bug/keep warm campaigns.  In 2013 the collaborative team asked me if I wanted to do a home energy course.  This course would enable me to tell people how to cut down on their energy bills by using less gas and electric. Just a few simple changes can make all the difference.  Also keeping their home warm by adding insulation to stop heat loss. This could be done with grants from the then government.

The older people’s HEALTH AND WELL BEING PROGRAMME then sponsored me to go and give a talk to their over 50s clubs and people who live in sheltered accommodation.

For all the visiting I did the NEA put me forward for a national award which I was lucky enough to win.

On the 8th April 2014, I had to go to the House of Commons to receive an award from the Minister of Energy and Climate Change, The CEO of Southern Electric.  The award was called a Heat Hero award.  Martin Vickers was also there to watch me getting this award.

If you volunteer for any of the volunteer schemes, the rewards can be great.

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