Children get Christmas surprise

Published: 22-12-2016
Children get Christmas surprise

Children and young people from the BIG Hearts Support Group were treated to an early Christmas when they were given presents which had been generously donated by Barry Bowman and his collection from the Fiddler pub. 

Barry managed to raise over £300 for children's presents for the young people Molly Whittingham and Dawn Trigg work with at BIG Hearts (a support group for young carers) and their siblings also got presents. 

A number of selection boxes and presents also went to the children's part at the St Andrews Hospice - Andy's. The presents which the children received were incredible and parents were overwhelmed with the amount each of their children had been given.

Pictured are Molly Whittingham, Palliative Care Social Worker and Kevin Moore, Macmillan Benefits advisor with the wrapped presents,


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