CPG’s Infection Control Team

For our team of Infection Control Nurse Specialists providing expert advice and support to the community of North East Lincolnshire, the last 12 months have been busy to say the least.

As well as undertaking their normal workload providing support and advice around infection prevention and control, COVID-19 and the challenges of a global pandemic have taken up a large proportion of time.

The Team attend Care Homes and other care settings which have been identified as having a COVID-19 outbreak (defined as 2 or more cases) and advise staff on the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand hygiene and any areas where improvements can be made within the environment. They also provide support to staff and answer any queries.

Anne Martin, Lead Infection Control Nurse Specialist for Care Plus Group said:
“Our work currently involves a lot of site visits to healthcare settings and workplaces and to provide the clinical governance sign off for some of the COVID-19 swabbing sites to ensure correct procedures are in place. We are involved in a lot of varied work from swabbing new entrants to the area for COVID-19 to best interest meetings, outbreak meetings and supporting our TB Nurse Specialist with outreach work. The team have also been involved in the COVID vaccine programme with the community nursing services which involves vaccinating patient’s and staff in care homes and house bound patient’s and also assisting with this in primary care.

“Over the last year we’ve provided a lot of training/advice to staff at CPG and other health and social care organisations including GP Practices on the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other Infection Control measures.

“In addition to providing support around COVID-19 we still continue to deal with other infections such as MRSA, C-Diff and E.coli which includes arranging treatment for patients and carrying out investigations for reportable infections. Despite the pressures of dealing with COVID-19, it’s important not to forget these other infections as they haven’t gone away.”


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