Diabetes pre-programme success

Published: 01-08-2014
Diabetes pre-programme success

In North East Lincolnshire diabetes prevalence rates are higher than the national average with 6.4% of people diagnosed, costing the NHS 10% of its annual budget.

In recognition of this North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, The Care Plus Group and North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) have collaborated to introduce a pre diabetes education and awareness programme. Funded by the Health and Wellbeing Board of NELC the programme aims to help improve and increase early detection of onset type-2 diabetes and encourage patients who have a higher than average risk to make lifestyle changes.

Central to the initiative is the Care Plus Group pre-diabetes collaborative which consists of members of the community who visit community groups and work places to carry out risk assessments with individuals by measuring waist as well as looking at family history and ethnicity. Those who run the risk of developing diabetes are then referred to a nurse educator and offered the opportunity of attending a six week programme aimed at educating them on lifestyle changes they need to make such as healthy eating, introducing gentle exercise to their daily routine and losing weight to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

Dr Arun Nayyar CCG Clinical Lead for Planned Care said: “The level of increased diabetes in North East Lincolnshire has risen considerably over the last few years and up to 80% of cases of type-2 diabetes could be avoided or delayed through early detection.

This is a wonderful initiative that is doing an important job. Since the launch two months ago 38% of those undertaking the pre-diabetes risk assessment were found to be in the moderate to high risk category. We are now able to work with these people to support and empower them to make changes to their lifestyle to prevent or delay them developing diabetes.”

Monthly ‘time to measure up’ group meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 5pm. If anyone would like to attend these meetings please contact Rachael Ogley on CPG.Collaborative@nhs.net to book a place. The groups are free and a light tea is provided.

Any businesses that would like to have pre-diabetes risk assessments carried out within their organisation can do so by contacting Rachael Ogley on CPG.Collaborative@nhs.net


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