Emma Wakefield – Journey to success

Emma struggled with mainstream schooling and eventually studied from home for the last couple of Academic Years. Soon after, she took on an Apprenticeship in Childcare but unfortunately wasn’t able to complete this due to having her first child aged 17. Utilising her resilient nature, Emma stood proud as a single parent and built a secure future for her son. However, now aged 20, Emma believed it was time to reignite her own career and self-referred to Employability Services (on the recommendation of her Mum) for support to move forward in gaining hands on experience.

Whilst waiting for her voluntary placement to start, Emma received Application and Interview Techniques with Employability Support Officer; Tracy Chaplin, where Emma soon found a new sense of confidence in her own skills and knowledge.

It wasn’t long before Emma had a very successful job interview at Lindsey Lodge, Cleethorpes, who offered her a permanent position in care within five minutes of the interview ending. To continue building Emma’s confidence around Older People and Dementia, Emma was further supported to attend her first session at The Curzon Centre as part of her Employability Voluntary Placement whilst waiting for work clearances to be finalised.

Emma was really pleased and proud of her own progress and said: “the support from Tracy was really good, it helped build my confidence in everything”.

Tracy Chaplin, Employability Support Officer said: “I could see the determination to succeed in Emma from the first moment I met her”.

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