Employability Services, Training and Recruitment ‘Hub’ reach its 500th Job Outcome

Published: 26-08-2015 | Service: Employability Services
Employability Services, Training and Recruitment ‘Hub’ reach its 500th Job Outcome

Multi Award winning Care Plus Employability Services have successfully supported over 500 North East Lincolnshire people into employment since its inception. Employability Services is based at Freeman Street Resource Centre and supports local unemployed people and school leavers to develop their occupational skills and knowledge in their chosen career path via a ‘Pathway Model’of Employability initiatives.

The innovative ‘Pathway Model’ acts as a cost effective training and recruitment ‘hub’ for Care Plus Group and local businesses, supporting them to grow their own workforce via a diverse range of Employability initiatives, such as Voluntary Placements, Apprenticeships and Internships, enabling individuals to become work ready whilst supporting their overall mental health and wellbeing.

Sharon Stead, Employability Services Manager at Care Plus Group stated:

“I am so proud of the Employability team’s achievements in supporting local people into local jobs, career pathways and lifelong learning. This is vital for the local economy and ensures that the talent remains within North East Lincolnshire”.

Employability’s 500th job outcome was trainee Support Worker - Lynn Beasley, who was made redundant after twelve years in the manufacturing industry. Despite working within this industry, Lynn aspired to a career change within Health and Social Care. The local Jobcentre Plus put Lynn in contact with Employability Services.

After participating in an Employability Structured Voluntary Placement, Lynn was successful in gaining sustainable employment within Community Care. Lynn commented that “the Employability Placement has been invaluable in preparing her for her new job role and thanks Employability for all their support”.




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