Galley Café to benefit from Ørsted’s East Coast Community Fund

The Galley Café, based in the Val Waterhouse Centre has been successful in obtaining £24,875 from Ørsted’s East Coast Community Fund to support its continued growth.

Since opening in April 2019, the Café – which is an innovative partnership between the Hope Street Trust and Employability Services has gone from strength to strength. The Café provides a variety of healthy and attractive meals and snacks for a low or high calorie option for patients, carers, the general public and Care Plus Group employees. Additionally it is being utilised as a training hub to upskill local residents, equipping them to become closer to the local labour market with a view to gaining sustainable employment.

The additional funding will be used to recruit additional team members for the Café and to support training opportunities for 12 Employability Participants over the next 12 months.

Sharon Stead, Employability Services Manager said:
“We are so lucky to have been given the funds to support the sustainability of the café which benefits the local community. I would like to say a big thankyou to Ørsted for investing in our local community and believing in our Galley Employability Café”.

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