Hope Street Trust Galley Cafe gets 5 Star Rating

Since the reopening of the Hope Street Trust Galley Café at The Val Waterhouse Centre in May it has gone from strength to strength and recently has been awarded a five star rating from Environmental Health.
The Café provides a service for patients, carers, the general public and Care Plus Group employees. Additionally it is being utilised as a training hub to upskill local residents, equipping them to become closer to the local labour market with a view to gaining sustainable employment.

Café Supervisor Julie Grant said:
“I started on an Employability training opportunity within the Galley Café as a Catering/Customer Service Assistant and when the vacancy arose for the Café Supervisor I was successful in gaining the post. I love my job and I am absolutely delighted with the five star rating from Environmental Health. I would also like to thank Employability Services’ for all their support and for believing in me to take on the role.”

Sharon Stead, Employability Manager said:
“I am very proud of Julie and all the hard work she has put into the Café. Julie’s passion to provide an excellent service to all her customers really shines through, hence the café being awarded a five star rating from Environmental Health!”

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