Launch of the North East Lincolnshire Apprenticeship Ambassador Network during National Apprenticeship Week (4-8th March)

A local network is being established to promote and increase apprenticeships within key sectors across North East Lincolnshire experiencing current or future skills gaps.

The North East Lincolnshire Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (NEL AAN) is a sub-regional group of the Yorkshire &Humber AAN which is part of the National AAN. The Network is made up of a group of employers, whose main aim is to champion apprenticeships within sectors such as Engineering and Manufacturing, Energy, Construction, Chemicals, Food, Ports and Logistics, Health, Social Care and Visitor Economy.

The Network aims to raise awareness and increase employer commitment to meet the skills needs of the local workforce, communities, and individuals across North East Lincolnshire.

Sharon Stead, Care Plus Group Employability Manager, Yorkshire and Humber Apprenticeship Ambassador and Chair of the North East Lincolnshire AAN said;
“I am really pleased to be leading the work establishing this Network aiming to increase apprenticeship opportunities for local people whilst supporting local businesses to build a workforce for the future.

“National Apprenticeship Week is a prime opportunity to launch the Network and reach out to local employers who are interested in becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador. The Network is also a great opportunity to showcase local apprenticeship talent at a national level by feeding into regional networks”.

“Ambassadors are chosen to join the AAN because they demonstrate a high commitment to apprenticeships and/or traineeships in their own workforce and influence a wide range of key stakeholders to engage in apprenticeship delivery; including schools, colleges, local enterprise partnerships, employers and their supply chains”.

Nicholas Fisher, People Advisor at Morrison’s and NEL Apprenticeship Ambassador says;
“I chose to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador as apprentices have a large impact on the success of a business. Morrison’s apprenticeships offer local people a chance to earn while they learn and study towards a recognised qualification.  Apprenticeships help to develop the skills needed to create a successful career within the food and manufacturing industry and in my role as an Ambassador not only do I get the thrill of supporting those who have never thought about the manufacturing sector before but I also to get to work with and support other businesses to create more opportunities in my local area.”

Pictured above left to right are: Nicholas Fisher, People Advisor – Morrisons, Amanda Thomas, Apprenticeship Development Officer – Care Plus Group, Sharon Stead, Employability Manager – Care Plus Group, Sean Cahill, Programme Manager – CatZero, Ginene Anderton, NEET Practitioner – NELC, Gail Howson, Progressions Manager – CatZero.

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