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Learning Disability Team Boost Community Health Checks

The Health & Wellbeing Team based at Queen Street Centre secured funding from the Commissioners, the Integrated Care Board, to support in raising the uptake of annual Learning disability Health checks by local GP practices.

Prior to the project, only 57% of people with a learning disability in North East Lincolnshire had a recent health check, the lowest in the region.

The Health & Wellbeing Team, with admin support, liaised with GP practices to support providers and individuals. They worked hard to deliver on the target of 75% of people with a learning Disability, by the end of September.

An example of the team’s support as part of this project.

Jo had not been attending his GP practice for his annual health check for a number of years. When contacted by a Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, he explained that he could not afford to go on the bus to appointments. A member of the team supported Jo to attend his health check and also supported him to obtain a concessionary bus pass.

We were delighted to find out, at the end of the project, we had surpassed this target and achieved 81%, making North East Lincolnshire the highest in the region.


When asked about this experience, Team Manager, David said:

“As the Team Manager, I am proud of the achievements of the Team and I am pleased that, based on this success, the Team is being commissioned to continue this work until the end of the financial year.”



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