March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Published: 11-03-2015
March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Volunteers will be raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer at events taking place as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this month.

Teams from the Health and Wellbeing Collaboratives, part of Care Plus Group, will be at the following location:

Julie Grimmer, Health and Wellbeing Collaboratives Manager said:
“It is incredibly important for women to be aware of ovarian cancer symptoms. The earlier the disease is diagnosed the sooner treatment can begin and the better the chances of survival. The message to the women in North East Lincolnshire is clear - if you feel bloated, most days, for three weeks or more, tell your doctor. Chances are it’s nothing to worry about, but it is better to have it checked out early to be sure.”

“Earlier diagnosis of ovarian cancer, combined with the best treatments, could help save an additional 500 lives in England a year.”

Around 5,800 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in England each year, with the majority of cases occurring in women over the age of 50. If diagnosed at the earliest stage, more than 90 per cent of women are alive five years after diagnosis compared with around five per cent diagnosed at the most advanced stage. The disease claims around 3,500 deaths in England annually.

Ovarian cancer symptoms
You need to see a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms, most days, for 3 weeks or more:

Ovarian cancer statistics

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