Margaret's Miracle

Published: 05-04-2017
Margaret's Miracle

The Beacon recieved this lovely compliment this week, highlighting what a difference they make to people's lives on a daily basis: 

Here is the letter in full, in Margaret's words: 
The 21st December 2016, will stay with me forever. I was feeling very unwell and started having extreme pains in my stomach, losing blood and vomiting fluid, which was coffee in colour. My husband rang 999, the ambulance crew arrived extremely quickly and the paramedic crew examined me, suspecting that I had a blockage in my bowel. All the medical staff who attended to me at home were very professional and kind.

I was admitted to the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby. After my initial examination, I was given a CT scan, placed on a drip and had a blood transfusion. The doctors discovered I had a tumour and a twisted bowel, which they suspected was perforated. The specialist operating team said I needed an emergency operation to remove the tumour and the damaged bowel.

The tumour was removed on the 23rd December 2016. After the operation, I was placed into an induced coma for three and half days, and was fighting for my life in the intensive care unit with the added complication of septicaemia. After the three and half days of the induced coma the medical staff brought me round- I was alive and it felt like a miracle. I can't thank the operating theatre staff (anaesthetists, and the nurses on the high dependency unit enough - I am indebted to them for the rest of my life.

After coming around from the coma, I was transferred to the HOBS ward. I was in a very weak state, confused and in pain. I was given antibiotics and pain relie (and all the nurses and support staff were wonderful caring for me 24/7.

As I began to feel a little better, I discovered that I could not walk as my legs were swollen. The physio staff (Angie and Kelly) helped me with the exercises they wanted me to do in the gym. They taught me how to get in and out of bed. They helped me to get my legs moving and I began to walk with a frame. I was then transferred to the Beacon Rehabilitation Centre in Cleethorpes on 27th January 2017. Jo and Karen continued to help and support me with my exercises and I progressed from the walking frame to a using a stick. On the Thursday Sarah taught me how to do chair exercises, and at the end of those exercises we had extra special cocktails (not gin and tonic I'm afraid to say!) but they were very nice. Saturday was spent with Sheila who helped me with exercises to improve my walking. Jo and Karen brought me home, to see how I coped with climbing the stairs and making a cup of tea.

Their encouragement and support helped me so much, always telling me how much potential I had, which made me very determined to succeed in my rehabilitation, and return home.

Arriving home on the 18th February 2017 was a wonderful feeling. I would like to thank the whole of the team at Beacon House. Their dedication and commitment to rehabilitating people holds no bounds. Without their support, inspiration, encouragement, guidance and friendship it would have taken me a lot longer to recover - thanks to them I was soon walking again.

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