New service for Adults with Autism launches

Adults with Autism and no Learning Disability (or Asperger’s Syndrome) now have access to a much-needed service thanks to the launch of the new Adult Autism Service for North East Lincolnshire.

Developed in conjunction with Mental Health Services and in response to feedback from people with Autism, their families and professionals who felt there was a gap in support for those over 18 years of age, the service is provided by Care Plus Group in partnership with NAViGO.

The official launch took place this week at an event at The Humber Royal Hotel to a packed audience of people with Autism, families, supporters and professionals.

Dr Jayne Moran, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Care Plus Group said:
“I’m really pleased we are now able to offer a complete diagnostic and support service for adults with Autism. This service is for people with Autism and no Learning Disability (LD) as their needs are very different to those who have Autism and an LD and is a much needed addition to local service provision”.

“By listening to feedback from people with Autism, we have changed the way we undertake diagnostic assessments.  As such, we have already halved waiting times for an Autism Diagnosis in North East Lincolnshire over the past six months and have aspirations to reduce this even further.  We have also increased capacity within the support services we provide so that we can now provide support for people who have mental health problems associated with their Autism as well as increasing people’s opportunities to meet like-minded people, make friends, and access local services.  This includes support to access Employment and we are excited to be working alongside people with Autism to continue to create opportunities for people to do the things they want to do and to develop the services they want and need.”

“As part of the partnership with NAViGO we also provide an Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Service to enable them to continue having the support they need to reduce the impact their symptoms have on their lives as an adult.  This service can be accessed through your local GP”

The Adult Autism Service operates an open referral system, meaning anyone can refer – including individuals themselves, families, supporters or professionals. There are also monthly ‘Autism Café’s’ and Adult Autism Forums where anyone with a diagnosis of Autism (no LD) can come along from the age of 16+ to meet up with peers.  You don’t have to be accessing any other support from the Adult Autism Service to come along to these groups.  We’re always interested in hearing how we can develop these social groups and enabling you to influence service developments locally, so please come along and talk to us. If you are interested in more information about the Adult Autism Service or the other facilities available for people with Autism or ADHD please contact The Queen Street Centre on 01472 571120.

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