‘Not so much business as usual’

Published: 22-06-2016
‘Not so much business as usual’

Sally Wood, Head of Commercial Development and Governance at Care Plus Group) pictured with Elaine Atkinson, Senior Horticulturalist and volunteer Jim Pullen), encourages the support of local businesses during Humber Business Week, by dedicating her time to volunteer at a local Social Enterprise ‘Green Futures’.

BizWeek now in its 12th year, showcase’s a wealth of talent, vision and future potential of the region via a variety of events which both inspire and educate whilst also providing an opportunity for businesses to enhance understanding and gain insight into key developments and to improve their networks. Care Plus Group understands the importance of working together with local businesses and saw an opportunity to gain new found knowledge by participating in BizWeek.

Green Futures has flourished since opening in 2008, creating a beautiful landscape, delivering fresh veg boxes and enhancing qualities of life. Sally quickly became part of the team and participated in tasks such as: raking plots, planting cabbages and weeding to promote Green Futures aim of encouraging a sustainable and greener future.

Elaine Atkinson, Senior Horticulturalist said ‘Sally fitted in really well and she was eager and willing to help. Sally’s presence has been very helpful.’

Sally Wood said:
‘I really enjoyed my volunteering at Green Futures. I was lucky enough to pick a lovely sunny day. The people I worked with were helpful and friendly and we worked well as a team planting about 120 cabbages. It was good to get out in the fresh air and while I was weeding it gave me head space, so some time to think, which is not always easy in my usual office environment. I also met a student from Linkage who was being supported on work experience. Because it is coming up to their graduation I was able to tell him and his Support Worker about Cromwell Resource Centre Day Services. Cromwell can help support transition for individuals with Learning Disabilities when they move from education to Adult Services. I was also able to buy one of Green Futures veg boxes for home. So a great experience all round.’






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