Notification of Service Access Change

What’s changing and why…

As part of the continued drive towards a fully integrated partnership for Palliative and End of Life Care Services we have merged two service administrative teams together the Haven and Macmillan admin services.

This means replacing the current four separate phone lines of Macmillan = 250623, Haven = 350383 & 355561, Living with and Beyond Cancer = 571276 and moving to one phone line utilising the existing Macmillan number.

Therefore, if you wish to contact Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care, The Haven, Welfare Support and Bereavement, and Living with and Beyond Cancer then you will ring a single point of contact number and to support the integration for these individual services they will form a group called ‘Specialist Supportive and Palliative Care Services’.

What does this mean for me…

If you wish to contact any of the listed services above you will need to ring the single number below:

Coordination Centre for Specialist Supportive and Palliative Care Services – 01472 250623

This change will take affect from 4th February 2019

Please be assured that there is no change to Clinical, Welfare Support and Bereavement service delivery.

For out of hours there will be a caller management service in place providing the caller with instructions.

Should you have any queries or concerns please contact Lynn AndrewsDirector of Clinical Services on 01472 350908 Ext: 298


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