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“One change and I could have been a teacher instead.” – Natasha’s Story

To Celebrate International Nurses’ Day, we are sharing stories from a few of the many nurses that work in Care Plus Group’s wide range of services.

Natasha Holmes is a Practice Nurse working in Primary Care for Care Plus Group (CPG). In a short span of time, she went from being on maternity leave to student to nurse. Here is her story.

We asked Natasha what got her into wanting to become a nurse. She said:

“Whilst I was on maternity leave, I signed up to do some courses at a local Sure Start centre, including a teaching assistant course, a hospitality course and a health and social care course.

“The only course that went ahead was the health and social care one. So, I went ahead and completed the course. The teachers on the course encouraged me to come back to college. I went back to college and I remember as part of the qualification, I had to complete a presentation on homeostasis. After my presentation, one of the science teachers approached me and asked if I had ever considered nursing as a career, which kind of put the idea in my head.

“When my maternity leave came to an end, I applied and was accepted for a Health Care Assistant apprenticeship within a GP practice. This developed my passion for primary care nursing and watching the practice nurses go above and beyond for their patients inspired me.

“Moral of the story, one change and I could have been a teacher instead.”

We then asked Natasha what it is like to be a nurse. She said:

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster, some days are better than others but overall, it’s very rewarding. You do have a lot of professional responsibilities to uphold, and ‘hard work’ would be an understatement. it’s not just physically hard, but its mentally draining.”

Natasha continued and described some of her career highlights. She said:

“Due the coronavirus pandemic we were offered the opportunity to ‘OPT IN’ and join the NHS frontline for an extended clinical placement. I completed this placement on the intensive care unit and this will be a very memorable part of my career.”

At the end of the interview, we asked Natasha what she would say to someone interested in becoming a nurse. She said:

“Nursing is not all roses and to pretend that it is would be a disservice to those considering this career path.

“Nursing is appealing to me as it is varied and there are very few dull moments.”

We’d like to thank Natasha for this in-depth look into the life of a nurse. Stay tuned all this week for more stories on CPG’s dedicated nurses.

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