Open Door to transfer to Care Plus group

Published: 04-09-2015
Open Door to transfer to Care Plus group

Ownership of a Grimsby-based provider of health and social care services is set to transfer from The Big Life group to Care Plus Group this next month.

From its centre in the heart of East Marsh, Open Door provides a safe and welcoming environment offering health care, social support services, information, advice and guidance.

And, with the services proving successful and showing potential to further embed itself in the North East Lincolnshire health and social care economy, the two social enterprises agree that the transfer will give Open Door the chance take advantage of the local networks and relationships that Care Plus Group has within the region.

Open Door is a health and social care centre in the heart of East Marsh, Grimsby. It exists to offer people with complex needs the chance to access services that will help improve their health and wellbeing.

In 2013, Open Door moved into its brand new centre which is a landmark in the East Marsh area. It brings together a GP Practice and 23 different services under one roof, from legal advice to Reiki therapy and provides a first class environment for some of Grimsby’s most vulnerable people.

In 2009, Open Door was awarded the national award for Improving Health and Reducing Inequalities as part of the Health and Social Care Awards, organised by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and the Department of Health.

When Open Door became part of the Big Life group in 2007 it was a newly formed social enterprise with one contract.

Since this time it has grown to deliver a range of additional contracts, including the innovative support service for people on the Autism Spectrum, floating support for drug and alcohol users, outreach childhood immunisations, outreach TB support.

Its GP service has more than 1,000 patients registered, including 27 considered to be at risk due to a history of violence and in need of a chaperone, 18 of these people have been removed from other surgery lists.

Fay Selvan, chief executive of The Big Life group, said: “It has been a pleasure for The Big Life group to own Open Door Health, and to work with its dedicated staff. The great work done from the centre has been truly inspiring, and has really enhanced what we are able to achieve as a group.

“I am certain that the transfer to Care Plus will give them a great opportunity to build on what they have achieved, and I look forward to seeing Open Door go from strength to strength in the future.”

Lance Gardner Chief Executive, from the Care Plus group, said: “It gives me tremendous pleasure to welcome Open Door to Care Plus Group. I was actually one of the individual founders involved in the setting up of Open Door and since then we have watched the service grow and flourish as a near neighbour in its provision of invaluable services for local people in one of the most deprived communities in North East Lincolnshire. Care Plus Group are very pleased indeed that Open Door is now becoming part of Care Plus Group and we are very excited about how we can work together into the future for the further benefit of local people.”

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