Recognition for Family Carers Caring for Vulnerable Adults during the COVID-19 Crisis

The Carers Wellbeing Service, part of the Care Plus Group have asked Colin (a family carer who is a DJ at Hospital Radio, Diana Princess of Wales Hospital) to put on a special live radio request show for family carers known to their service.

The live radio request show is on Thursday 23rd April at 7:45pm, and is dedicated to all local family carers in the local community, whether they are known to the team or not. The carers known to the team and who are on their email mailing list have been invited to tune into the live show and request songs during this show. The team are well aware there are many hidden carers out there and during the show Colin the DJ and family carer will give the contact telephone numbers out of 2 local Carers Support Services to try and reach out to more family carers. Colin will also encourage family carers to go out and clap for their fellow family carers during the show.

Nicola Harmon, Carer Wellbeing Worker said:
“As Carers Wellbeing Workers we have been clapping for family carers every Thursday night at 8pm. We feel they are the hidden heroes in this whole situation. They are soldiering on as usual with their caring responsibilities, which lots of them willingly take on but they do make many sacrifices to keep on caring for those they love.

“This is an opportunity for a family carer to put on a radio show to bring other family carers together. It will be a feel good activity for carers and those they care for to take part in and also an opportunity to highlight family carers out there in the community still doing what they do best, caring for those they care for in even more difficult circumstances at this moment in time. We support many carers and their cared for who are vulnerable to COVID-19 due to underlying health conditions and age as many family carers are over the age of 70. Some have taken difficult decisions to either reduce the number of carers coming in to support their cared for or have totally stopped them to try and protect their cared for. They have done this to protect the cared for but it puts even more caring responsibility and isolation on themselves.”

The Carers Wellbeing Service based at Queen Street Centre, Grimsby normally support carers to not feel socially isolated by organising day trips, theatre trips and meals out together and this is a radio show that will bring carers together once again until they are able to meet again in person.

The 2 support service are:
The Carers Wellbeing Workers Team, Queen Street Centre, Grimsby, DN31 1QG Tel: 01472 571120
Carers Support Service, Town Hall Square, Grimsby, DN31 1HY Tel: 01472 242277

These 2 services are still up and running and doing their best to support family carers during this difficult time. The staff are working from home and are supporting carers on the end of a phone rather than the usual face to face contact and home visit support they usually offer. They are providing family carers with important advice and information by phone and email such as local council and charity numbers to support those who are socially isolating by getting their shopping and prescriptions. They are also providing carers with emotional support to ensure they do not feel so isolated.
Colin himself has stopped all the support his wife was receiving in order to protect her. He has been a volunteer at hospital radio for many years and is now Assistant Manager. He will be supported on the night by a fellow volunteer, Stuart Virgo.
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