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Small Team Sings Praises for Unsung Heroes

Care Plus Group’s dedicated Carers Wellbeing Team are highlighting the vital role of carers on Carers Rights Day.

This service is run by an enthusiastic team of four Carer Wellbeing Workers. They support carers who aid people over the age of sixty, or who have a learning or physical disability.

The team provide regular emotional and practical support with carers at any stage in their journey. They assist carers with attending meetings, completing paperwork, and signposting them to other organisations that provide further help.

One aspect of their work is in facilitating social events such as trips to York Christmas market, meals at various restaurants, theatre trips, walks and ten pin bowling. This gives carers the chance to meet other carers and to get out. This can be beneficial in eliminating isolation and loneliness, which for some is a major cause of burnout, stress and depression.

These trips are well attended and effective in helping carers and cared-for relieve stress and have a fun time with like-minded individuals.

Carer Wellbeing Worker, Nicola, was asked about her experience in her role, she said:

“It is a privilege to work with carers. I get a lot of job satisfaction when they let me know I have helped them either in a practical way, supporting them to apply for a benefit, carer fund et cetera; or after having a chat with them, they say they feel a little bit better to have offloaded.

“My favourite part of the job is when we see carers make connections and friendships with other carers on our organised social activities. It is lovely to see them support each other.

“Many carers tell us they feel isolated. I would ask any carer to contact the Carers Wellbeing Team, especially if they are feeling isolated. We are a friendly team and can provide a listening ear, support, understanding and the opportunity to meet with other carers who understand how they feel.”

Here are some testimonials from carers that have attended recent trips:

“[It was] good to be with other people, really helps me as otherwise [I am] stuck inside.”

“It’s been great to get out first time in two years.”

“Thank you so much, this show has really cheered me up as the last year been really tough after losing my husband.”


If you are a carer or know one that could use this support, click here for more information.


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