Solar Panels at Freeman Street produce first 10,000kWh of electricity

Published: 14-09-2015
Solar Panels at Freeman Street produce first 10,000kWh of electricity

Care Plus Group is celebrating great news regarding its recent solar panel installation at Freeman Street Resource Centre. On the September 10, 2015, only three months since the array was commissioned in June the electricity generated has surpassed 10,000kWh.

Neil Cartwright, Head of Service said “all of the predictive models used to estimate the generating capacity for the project suggested that we would produce approximately 26,000kWh of electricity a year. To hit over 10,000kWh in the first three months is amazing. To put this in perspective government figures suggest the average household uses approximately 4,000kWh in electricity a year so our generation is already equivalent to the annual electrical usage of two and a half houses

"I am tremendously proud that as an organisation we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and look forward to other project of this nature in the future that makes both environmental and financial sense.”

Everyone who visits Freeman Street can see the energy generated by our solar panels on the readout panel fixed behind reception (see picture below). The first reading is the power being generated, the second is all of the power we have generated and the third is kilograms of CO2 that have been offset by the installation.


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