Susan Reinecke – ‘Journey to Success’

Susan is smiling all the way as she celebrates her first few weeks at work as an Integrated Support Worker. Her journey began several months ago when she was supported by Employability Services to gain vital hands on voluntary work experience within a care home setting.

Due to family commitments of being the lead carer for her daughter and parents, Susan had not been in paid employment since her daughter was very young. Her Employability Support Officer therefore developed a pathway to enhance Susan’s previous skills, which she had gained from working within care several years ago.

Susan’s motivation to upskill was also enhanced through attendance on various training and the passing of different Social Care Modules which contributed towards the Care Certificate; a set of standards that health and social care workers adhere to.

Susan now looks forward to rebuilding her career within Health and Social Care for Care Plus Group, saying she “…has been able to regain her confidence since being with Employability Services, and is very excited at this new opportunity”. Her new Manager has stated that “…although Susan was very nervous in her interview, I could see the potential in her values and commitment…”

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