Ten Years of the Falls Prevention Collaborative

Published: 08-04-2015 | Service: Falls Service
Ten Years of the Falls Prevention Collaborative

The North East Lincolnshire Falls Prevention Collaborative was formed in March 2005, initially as a one year project, but has continued to grow and is now a thriving and essential part of Care Plus Group’s Falls Service.

Over the last decade the Falls Prevention Collaborative has gone from strength to strength and on Monday 30th March it celebrated its 10th Birthday, with many of the 63 committed volunteers attending a celebration, together with the health and social care staff from the Hope Specialist Service who support them.

The Falls Prevention Collaborative uses a methodology that combines improvement science with community development, to create community action, with the aim of reducing the number of falls in people over the age of 65.

Every minute, 5 people over the age of 65 fall in the UK and every hour someone dies as a result of their fall. The Falls Prevention Collaborative is working to change these statistics locally.

The list below explains just some of the work completed by the Falls Prevention Collaborative over the past 10 years:

Kylie Farbrace, Falls Lead for Care Plus Group, gave a celebration speech, which thanked the

volunteers for their continued commitment and enthusiasm over the last 10 years. Initially a funded project covering the whole of the UK, our local collaborative is now the only one still in existence. She stated that she ‘was extremely privileged to work alongside all of the volunteers and that she was still humbled every day by their commitment to the cause’.

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Kylie was presented with a commemorative plaque by four of the original volunteers (left to right Val Mayes, Maralyn Fox, Shirley Gage and Barry Mayes) who have each given 10 years’ service to reducing the amount of falls sustained by older people locally and this will take pride of place in the Hope Specialist Service trophy cabinet.

The occasion was also marked by a special cake, made by Hope Street's very own Julie Lewis, Falls Collaborative Assistant, and Linda Scott, who runs our Educating Eater Café. The beehive design ties in with the idea of our volunteers working together for a common goal as bees do. It was with a heavy heart that we had to cut into their magnificent creation and the burning question now is how are they going to top it when we celebrate ten years of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme in October?

Hope st 1

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