Tom Darlington – Success Story

Published: 16-10-2017
Tom Darlington – Success Story

From a young age Tom knew he wanted a career as a IT Technician, when he first turned on a computer and thought, ‘there must be more to computers than this’; hence triggering his curiosity into learning all about their inner workings.

A referral to Employability Services - Supported Employment was made by Adult Learning Disability Services in September 2017, requesting support to start Tom on his pathway into employment. Supported Employment facilitated a voluntary placement within Care4all Ltd’s team; based at Grant Thorold Library and Community Hub.  

Norma Yarborough, Supported Employment Team Leader said “After just two week on placement, Tom’s skills and knowledge within IT were clearly evident, following discussions with his employers”. Tom’s mentor, David Low, IT Development Officer said “Tom is learning our IT systems really quickly; I only have to discuss a topic briefly with him before he understands it fully. With a bit more time and confidence building, Tom will be a valuable asset to any company”.

Tom is thriving on this opportunity to learn within a real life working environment and emailed Norma saying “Thank you for getting me the work placement, I’m absolutely loving it here; they are a friendly staff group and I am learning really fast. Dave also loves having me to help him around the offices”.

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