Destination Outstanding.....the journey continues.....

Published: 06 June, 2017 | Service: Intermediate Care at Home
Destination Outstanding.....the journey continues.....

It has been just over a year since Care Plus Group's Intermediate Care at Home and the Crisis Support Service were accredited with Care Quality Commission (CQC) Outstanding. And what a time that was for the team. But, the last few months of enjoying the accreditation was just a momentary pit stop! The service needs to remain on the road of ‘continued improvement, change and innovation’ if we are to reach ‘Destination Outstanding’ at our next inspection.

The road to Outstanding is not a small country road we can just amble along. It is a fast moving motorway with many little slip roads and wrong turns along the way. But, not to worry we look at the CPG map and switch on the CQC sat-nav and if we find ourselves off course get back facing the right way very quickly.

So what have we seen along this busy road and what do we need to keep firmly in our sights……….

On-going improvement through audit and review of systems and practices

Understanding the ever changing needs of the organisation, the people who use our service and the staff teams in a time of austerity

Training – internal and external (none better) and not minding if we lose one of our team to another CPG service for promotional reasons

Stopping at times to take stock, seek direction and guidance from others and then restart our journey with a clearer vision

Teams, not just us but partners travelling on a different bus in the same direction –sharing, learning and supporting each other

Appreciation of every team member’s contribution to the service and recognising that a journey is much more enjoyable with a diverse group of people – it is cause to celebrate!

Never standing still, always looking to move forward positively

Dignity and respect for each other – sometimes the journey is rocky, we might lose our way a bit along the road but it is at these times we need each other the most.

Inclusion in the Skills for Care ‘Good and Outstanding Care Guide we were delighted to be asked by Workforce development agency Skills for Care to become one of their expert partners to help create a ‘Good and outstanding care guide’ to help employers to think about what they can do to secure a good or outstanding rating when they are inspected by CQC.

Not being afraid to take a different route if the main road you normally travel is not as it used to be – turn off, diversify, look at what’s needed out there and ensure people want you as their Provider of Choice.

Growing as a service in a way that evidences we embrace change, challenge,  innovation and improvement.

We often stop off on the way to check we have everything we need for the journey and to check it is all absolutely safe, compliant and meets CPG standards. We sit under the ISO 9001:2015 umbrella for this and at this point Paul Holmes, from the Quality and Performance team joins us on our way to Outstanding……

The Outstanding rating for Intermediate Care at Home was not only very much deserved but gave extra validation to what we had already established as part of the ISO 9001 process.  Jay has seen her team visited twice in the last three years as part of the external ISO accreditation process with both visits receiving excellent reports, outstanding you may say.

There are many common themes between CQC and the ISO 9001 requirements, nevertheless those that are deemed ‘outstanding’.  One stands out above all else for me and it is the one that Jay has identified as the first in her list of areas to keep focused on – Continuous Improvement. 

Continuous Improvement is at the heart of all Quality Management Systems, including ISO 9001.  Essentially it is that continuous drive to be better, to improve and to raise standards.  Traits that IC@Home have displayed to achieve their Outstanding CQC rating.

The key to Continuous Improvement is the ability to take stock (also mentioned by Jay above) and review where we are and where we want to go, plus how we’re going to get there.   This is what is known as the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle, something firmly embedded not just within IC@Home but CPG overall.

Late in 2016 CPG received a HQ inspection from the CQC and whilst an official rating wasn’t given due to the nature of the services delivered, ISO 9001 was identified as an area of Outstanding Practice.  The below is an small snippet from the CQC report on ISO 9001:

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 process provides a set of standards to help organisations to become better managed, more efficient and more customer focused”

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Written by: Jay Sadler

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