Foundations Success Story

Published: 19 June, 2017
Foundations Success Story

Simon Hunter is one of FOUNDATION’s success stories. He has struggled with addiction for over 20 years.  On his last release from prison Simon entered into treatment and was prescribed an opiate replacement medication. 

He reported “It felt like the fog had been lifted.” He was initially reluctant to attend the Foundations group program but once he realised the benefits it offered - sharing recovery journeys, talking about his addiction with others, having a shared understanding around triggers and being supported in developing positive coping mechanisms he felt the support enabled him to cope with life’s ups and down without turning to drugs.

 Simon’s recovery goal was to be out of treatment as soon as possible.  He said it was hard coming off methadone but he was determined and stayed strong with support from Foundations. 

Simon started volunteering at Harbour Place food kitchen and Probation service to fill his time.  He was then put forward as a peer mentor with our service.  Simon began sitting in different treatment groups and sharing his experiences of addiction and recovery.

Clients who had knew of Simon were truly shocked to see how far he had come in his recovery and how well he was able to show that recovery is possible .  Simon also supported other clients to complete questionnaires and promoted awareness days.

Twice a week Simon and other peers hold a group to support other clients and foster a recovery community

Simon’s self-confidence and self-belief was supported by volunteering with Foundations four times a week. This lead to Simon applying for a job and was successful in gaining a full time permanent position.  We feel really lucky to have had Simon as part of our team.  We are enthusiastic to see him reach his recovery goals and Simon feels that this would not have been possible without the support of Foundations drug and alcohol services.  For more information contact Foundations, Queen Street, Grimsby, Tel 01472 571500.

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Written by: Lucy Campbell

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