Introducing the Care Certificate

Published: 12 April, 2016
Introducing the Care Certificate

You may have heard a lot of talk recently about The Care Certificate and be wondering how it might affect you. Here, Linzi Brace, Training and Development Assistant Manager and lead for the Care Certificate implementation within CPG explains:

What is the Care Certificate?

The Care Certificate was developed jointly by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health, following recommendations from the Camilla Cavendish Review. The Care Certificate is a requirement for all health and social care workers who deliver direct service user care.  The aim of the Care Certificate is to provide clear evidence to employers, service users and people who receive care and support that every health and social care worker has been trained to a specific set of standards.

The certificate comprises 15 generic standards, all of which need to be completed in full

before the Care Certificate can be issued.  On average the Care Certificate should be

completed within 12 weeks of commencing employment.  It cannot normally be completed in less than one month as formal assessment is required.  It will run alongside the internal induction processes.

The Care certificate standards are:

  1. Understand Your Role
  2. Your Personal Development
  3. Duty of Care
  4. Equality and Diversity
  5. Work in a Person Centred Way
  6. Communication
  7. Privacy and Dignity
  8. Fluids and Nutrition
  9. Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
  10. Safeguarding Adults
  11. Safeguarding Children
  12. Basic Life Support
  13. Health and Safety
  14. Handling Information
  15. Infection Prevention and Control

Who Should Undertake the Care Certificate?

Although the Care Certificate is designed for new staff, new to care and offers this group of staff their first step on their career ladder, it also offers opportunities for existing staff to refresh or improve their knowledge.  Therefore it is for anyone who has direct contact with customers. 

How is Care Plus Group going to make sure we have staff who meet these standards?

All staff who have direct contact with service users will be assessed against the 15 Care Certificate standards.  Staff who are already in post will complete a competency record with their assessor then address any gaps if required. 

Staff who are new to CPG but not new to care will complete the self-assessment tool kit and then discuss and address any gaps with their assessor before completing the competency record.

New staff who are new to care will complete the full assessment, working through the work book as required. Once completed, they will then complete the competency record with their assessor.

Once the competency record has been completed and signed off the staff member will receive a certificate signed by an Executive Director and it will be recorded on ESR/OLM.

This is a one off certificate that is transferable across roles and organisations

Who is an Assessor? 

There are lead assessors who have nominated occupationally competent assessors in all areas of the organisation.  The assessor may also be a registered or qualified colleague or the line manager but this must be someone with whom the new starter works alongside, in order for the assessments of practice to take place.

Question and Answers

Does the Care Certificate replace staff induction?

No.  The Care Certificate is part of a structured induction but does not replace all of the learning required for staff induction. As well as the Care Certificate standards new staff will be expected to have information, knowledge and competences specific to the environment in which care will be provided.

Are Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated providers expected to cover the Care Certificate Standards?

The CQC expects providers to induct, support and train their staff appropriately. In their guidance for providers on how to meet the regulations, they are explicit about their expectation that those who employ health care support workers and adult social care workers should be able to demonstrate that staff have, or are working towards, the skills set out in the Care Certificate, as the benchmark for staff induction.

Do temporary workers / bank staff need the Care Certificate?

Yes we have a duty to assess the training needs of all staff new to CPG; this applies to agency, bank or directly recruited healthcare support and care workers.

Will there be a central register of staff who have been awarded the Care Certificate?

No.  There are currently no plans for a national register of healthcare support, care workers or similar.  However CPG will record all staffs achievements on the internal training data base.

Can e-learning / workbooks / films be used as part of the Care Certificate training delivery?

Yes, but the Care Certificate cannot be fully achieved through the use of these training approaches alone. Real work observations within the care setting must be used to cover the standards.  

For more information about the Care Certificate please follow the link to the Skills for Care website:

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Written by: Linzi Brace

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