Losing weight – it’s the small things that can make such a difference

Published: 10 February, 2016 | Service: Health and Wellbeing Collaboratives
Losing weight – it’s the small things that can make such a difference

With spring just around the corner, is it time to put a spring in your step to shed those extra winter pounds?  Did you know that losing just 5% of your weight can reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes by up to 50%.  If your weight is 13stone this would mean losing around 9lbs.  Easier said than done, maybe, but here are a couple of tips to get you started….

Get out and about! 

How about starting a new exercise class with a friend or colleague?  Look in the Grimsby Telegraph or local community centres.  There’s lots of fun to be had in Zumba, Clubbersize, Pilates, Walkwell, ParkRun!  Or even go out for a quick lunch time walk – get your brain active, ready for the afternoon!

Make small changes

Ditching that blob of mayonnaise can save you 100 calories.  Although you could burn this off by doing 28minutes of ballroom dancing! 

Don’t forget your breakfast

Kick start your metabolism with breakfast!  Try some new ideas like toast with poached egg, porridge with fresh or dried fruit, toast with grilled mushroom and tomatoes. 

Smaller portions

Even if you eat healthily, it could be those portion sizes that are creeping on the pounds. Try to say no to a second helping, or try smaller plates, you’ll be surprised to see the difference. 

Over the last few decades portion sizes have increase whether it is bags of crisps, take away food or even restaurant meals. Did you know that the average restaurant meal today is more than four times larger* than in the 1950’s?

Avoid temptation

Have a fruit bowl in the office – It might help you from reaching for the biscuits or cakes!  Remember your 5 a day.

Ignore the BOGOFF’s! – Quite often these deals are on the crisps/biscuits!  I know it’s all about the balance, but do you really need to buy 24 penguins all in one go, just because they’re £1. And just because you can ‘Go Large’ for only an extra £1 doesn’t mean it is a good idea for your waistline.

Be prepared

Try planning your meals or make a list for the week – Not only will this cut down on waste it might also save you reaching for the phone to ring a Take-Away! 

Cut down on the meat

Try cooking with beans or lentils – how about once a week, use these as a substitute for meat to save on cash as well as calories.  Pulses and beans instead of red meat can also help with cholesterol levels. 

Be aware of the alcohol you are consuming

Alcohol – (it had to come in didn’t it!)  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an occasional drink while trying to lose weight.  But alcohol is high in sugar & calories which can really add up and affect your weight loss!  A large glass of red has a similar amount of calories to a mini pork pie. 

Avoid boredom

When we are busy, we tend to think less about food. Often over-eating is a sign of boredom and we don’t even realise we are doing it. So why not look at how you are spending your time and see if you can take up a hobby that will distract you from reaching for the biscuit barrel!


* Centres for Disease Control and Prevention


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Written by: Julie Hawkins

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