The Road to Outstanding

Published: 23 May, 2016 | Service: Intermediate Care at Home
The Road to Outstanding

Intermediate Care at Home provides short-term personal care and intensive re-enablement services to people in their own home for up to six weeks. Part of Care Plus Group and operating across North East Lincolnshire, the service focuses on promoting self-care and independence, enabling people to reach/regain an optimum level of independence. At a time when there is so much in the media about negative experiences of care, this team are an example of how high quality care is possible.

Intermediate Care at Home was awarded the much coveted ‘Outstanding’ accreditation by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in March 2016. The word ‘proud’ does not cover the feeling that swept not only through the service but through Care Plus as a whole.

How does a service get an ‘Outstanding’ rating people ask……… let’s have a go at explaining!

  • Ownership of the job role, the service, the organisation and provision of the highest of standards at all times

  • Understanding of the expectations of the service user, the service and the CQC

  • Training to the highest standards and for staff to be allowed Time to attend

  • Standards that are embedded in all delegations of the Staff whether it is admin, front line Support Officers and Workers or the management team – essential

  • Team work…. at all times by all staff…..everyone has unique qualities: every team member can offer their unique knowledge and ability to help improve the service delivered to the individual

  • Achievements for the service users and their families by setting shared goals, measuring progression and Acknowledging progress and Applauding successful outcomes met at the end of the Intermediate Care journey

  • Nothing is too much trouble!! Any un-met reablement Needs are the priority for the service and the individual. Navigating systems and processes and negotiating with other health and social care partners to ensure the service user ends their journey exactly as it should be!

  • Diversity is essential in any team that is to succeed long term. The willingness to Diversify and be innovative is also a much needed criteria to ensure that the diverse needs of every individual the team works with can be met and the appropriate member of staff can be matched to that service user

  • Integrity – havingintegrity means “doing the right thing in a reliable way” Supported by our own moral compass it allows for a common thread that runs through every fibre of the Intermediate Care service. Without professional integrity, personal integrity service users will not receive what is their absolute right in terms of personalised, excellent care and support.

  • Necessary to the community of North East Lincolnshire, Intermediate Care at Home aims to meet the local and national agenda that stipulates people should be enable to remain in their own home of choice for as long as possible. It is a choice we would all wish for ourselves. As a unique re-ablement service locally we are able to provide the necessary, innovative and flexible service that is not time and task driven in order for people to regain their independence and thus continue to live their lives to the optimum level.
  • Giving people a service that we believe would be absolutely acceptable for our loved ones is the simple yardstick this service prides itself on apart from always wanting to be the provider of choice simply because we are great at what we do!!!

So, in a nutshell what does it take to be “Outstanding”?

  • Believe in what you do
  • Stick to the rules, standards and expectations of the organisation and CQC – ALWAYS
  • And only deliver what you and your loved ones would wish for themselves

Simple really!


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Written by: Jay Sadler

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