Voluntary, Community and Not for Profit Services, Your Country Needs You!

Published: 07 October, 2015 | Service: The Home Team
Voluntary, Community and Not for Profit Services, Your Country Needs You!

The population of the country at the last count was approximately 64 million; this figure is set to rise by 2027 to an estimated 27 million! As you probably appreciate your health and care services are already under strain to try to provide support to meet your needs.

So what can you do to help yourself?  There are voluntary, community and not for profit organisations available waiting to take your call to try and help you with your search and support you with your choices of service. Obtaining your own services brings many benefits, you are in control and not governed by criteria’s, you can swop and change as you wish, you can choose when and how you receive these services and whether the cost (if there is one) meets your budget, it’s a win, win for keeping your independence!

The Home Team at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby are part of the Care Plus Group, a not for profit organisation. They are tasked with conducting discharges daily and spend a lot of time talking to patients about their needs, wants and wishes. Usually the ‘needs’ are defined by patient health or therapy, and this is discussed at the time of assessment. This is managed in conjunction with the Care Plus Groups Intermediate Tier Reablement Team and The Peri Team Service. Focus Adult Social Care provides a commissioned support service for patients requiring potential ongoing support.

The Home Team has for some time been embracing the principles behind the new legislation and has been focussing on preventing delays for support. They provide initial information for you to immediately help yourself with gaining support when you are discharged, however and not least; the information is only as good as it is current.

The New Care Act 2014 aims at putting people at the centre of their care and support, and to maximise your involvement in the planning of that care and support.

Please find following information that you may find useful, to help yourself and to help your services to continue, and if you know of any new ones! Let us know! Call SPA-single point of access or go online to www.services4me.com

Below are lists of services that may be immediately useful to you for the purpose of discharge from hospital or simply to use to support yourself

Age UK- 01472 344976 website: www.ageuk.org.uk

Advice Officers-SPA (single point of access) Focus adult social care-01472 256256-NEL-CT.AdviceOfficers@nhs.net

Advocacy-Rethink-01472 311303 www.rethink.org

Advanced Mobility-01472 240404-scooters and equipment.

Will deliver with cash on delivery. Tax free purchases for over 65 year olds

Care4all Bert Boyden Centre- 01469 520000 http://www.care4all.org.uk

British Red Cross-01472 871157 www.redcross.org.uk

British Legion-Laceby-01472 870830, Waltham 01472 822465 www.waltham-british-legion-club.co.uk

Lincolnshire and Lindsey Blind Society 01507 605604 www.llbs.co.uk

Curzon Centre-01472 629063 day service www.services4.me.uk

Carelink-01472 312312 www.care-link.org.uk

Care4all-01472 629718 www.care4all.org

Dial a ride- 01472 269199 www.nelincs.gov.uk

Department of Works and Pensions www.nelincs.gov.uk/resident/benefits/general-support-and-advice

Dolly Tub-laundry service-01472 603072- collects laundry on a Tuesday, delivery within Cleethorpes is £2.00 and Grimsby £3.00

Fresh Start Hot Meal delivery service-01472 231507-A home cooked meal delivered straight to your door and no washing up! 24 hour notice required for choice of meal.

Fire Brigade-Peaks Lane Grimsby-01472 372500, Cleethorpes 01472 243700-our ever reliable local lads will provide you with a free home check service to ensure your home is safe and free from hazards that may light up your life in more than one way!

Home Visiting Library Service-01472 or gail.speight@nelincs.gov.uk

Just checking 01564 785100- Concerned about someone leaving the house confused? Wish to monitor movement in someone’s house, just checking is the system. Rental £75.00 p/m



Abbey Textiles Ltd The Laundry & Dry: Get Dry Cleaners in Grimsby- 01472 250758


Meals on Wheels 01472629060  www.services4.me.uk. A fabulous hot meal delivery service. For the slightly smaller appetite, softer palatable food, delivered hot with no washing up! Dinner and a pudding.

Milk and More service 0845 606 3606 www.milkandmore.co.uk Cant get out to the shops? Need a home delivery service? No internet available? Use your local milkman to bring you all the groceries and other services to your door step.

Oakhouse Foods 01526 320222 www.oakhousefoods.co.uk Oakhouse offer food and groceries and presents delivered direct to your door. Order from brochures available. Foods are for the larger appetite.

SSAFA-(Soldier, Sailor, Air force and Families Association) Grimsby office 01472 877082. Ex service personnel or family? Want to change your bathroom to a wet room and add value to your house? SSAFA are currently offering grants to eligible clients, quote your service number (because we know you can remember it!) and obtain a quote.

Safeguarding 01472 232244- suspect you may be the victim of fraud or abuse? Don’t suffer in silence, people are available to talk to.

Single Point of Access 01472 256256 - all the professional advice and guidance around health, wellbeing and adult social work in one place, available 24hours a day, seven days a week.

Wiltshire Farm Foods 0800 773 773 www.wiltshirefarmfoods.com. Frozen food delivered to your door. Brochure available and foods supplied for people requiring a pureed diet, slimming or sugar controlled.

The list is endless but we hope this gives you a good insight into how you can help yourself with services chosen by you. We endeavour to always provide you with our best service and welcome any feedback about our service, compliment or complaint, and remember in the words of Audrey Hepburn, famous Belgian Actress………

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others.

- Audrey Hepburn , Belgian Actress

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