Outlook Tips, Tricks and Useful Features - making the most of your Calendar

Using the calendar/diary in Outlook

If you’re anything like me, using email on a day to day basis is now a fundamental and huge part of your daily work routine. We use it for emailing internally, external clients and safely transferring information; some of us may even say we use it too much at times.

Working in the IT team, we often see people using Outlook, but we see them using only the very basics and missing out on some very helpful features that would really help save them time in their daily work.

I’ve written up a few helpful tips below, but as I’m sure you can appreciate, there’s 100s more on top. If this Blog is something that people find useful and is of help, we can start pushing more of these out to you on a regular basis.


The trials and tribulations of implementing mobile working into a nursing workforce

18 months ago, Care Plus Group senior management team got their heads together and started looking at ways of making our workforce more efficient and ways in which we could save time and money. There was a light bulb moment from the team, suggesting, “Why don’t we make our nurses more mobile?”


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