The benefits of yoga as part of recovery for addiction

When you think of yoga you may think of seemingly impossible positions you need to contort your body, or perhaps you have dismissed it as a new age fad carried out by somewhat flaky people. But what about yoga as a treatment for addiction?


How I reach out to the ‘difficult to reach’

How I reach out to the ‘difficult to reach’ – an interview with Jo, Sexual Health Outreach Worker with Foundations Substance Misuse Services.

First off, let me tell you a little bit about Jo. Jo is the Sexual Health Outreach Worker who is based at Foundations Substance Misuse Services, in North East Lincolnshire. Jo has been working in sexual health outreach for over a decade and has a vast experience and knowledge of her field of work.  She has kindly agreed to chat to me and give me an interview, telling me a little bit about herself and the role she plays.


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