CPG Charitable Trust

Extending the reach of our help to people in need across North East Lincolnshire


As a social business Care Plus Group is committed to working with communities across North East Lincolnshire providing health and social care services to improve health and wellbeing.

In April 2015 we extended this commitment through the creation of the Care Plus Group Charitable Trust.

Our Vision

The vision of the Trust is to provide additional support and resources to improve the lives of people and communities living in North East Lincolnshire. This support is to be provided through funds:

  • To provide equipment or treatment to individuals for rehabilitation or treatment that is not funded by the NHS or other funded routes
  • For community groups with a health and wellbeing agenda who require funding for equipment, training or for a one-off project
  • For specific training for Care Plus Group staff that would benefit the service users in their care

Help us to make a difference

Care Plus Group have over 800 staff plus a strong network of volunteers who are working in the heart of our local communities every day. We are looking for staff and volunteers to identify people and groups who may benefit from funding from the Trust and nominate them to apply for funding.

As a fledgling charity, however we also rely on people taking time and effort to raise funds and donate to our cause so we can help improve the health and lives of even more people in the local area.

Who we have helped