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At Care Plus Group we pride ourselves on respecting and involving people who access our services in decisions about their care, sticking to the principle of "nothing about you, without you".  Your opinion of how we are doing, both good and bad, matters greatly to us.  By taking five minutes to tell us about your experiences, it will help us to identify what we are getting right and what we need to do better. We would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer the following questions: -

Please select the service you have received

Recommending us

How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

Can you tell us why you have given the above response?

Quality of Care

Please select the response you feel is most appropriate for each question and make any comments in the boxes provided

Do feel that that the care given to you was high quality care?

Involvement in your Care

How involved did you feel in decisions made about your care?


Do you feel you were treated with empathy, dignity and respect?


How confident were you that the staff with the responsibility for your care were adequately trained and experienced?

Communication with you

How would you rate the communication between yourself, and the staff providing your care. Both in terms of the things that were said and anything that you were given/shown in writing?

Communication with others

How would you rate the communication between Care Plus Group staff and other organisations supporting your care?


How would you rate the staff providing your care in relation to them challenging others when/if required to ensure you received the best quality care?


How committed to ensuring you received the best quality care did you feel Care Plus Group staff were?

Is there anything that you feel could have been done to improve your experience? Please use the space below to make further comments.

Would you be happy for someone from the Quality and Performance Team to contact you in the future to discuss your experiences in more detail?

If so please provide your contact details in the box below

We would like to show where we have made improvements in response to comments that have been made. Are you happy for your opinions and experiences to be shared?

Please select as appropriate...I am :-

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