Care between hospital and home

Supporting you to get back, or remain in your own home following illness

If you have required hospital care, getting home is a priority. In many cases, however, there is a need for care and support to help you transition into your own home safely whilst supporting your recovery.

This care between hospital and home is provided by our Intermediate Care service and includes teams who will assess and support discharge from hospital, intensive rehabilitation services, both in your home and residential and our occupational health teams who will support you to manage any physical limitations you may have and ensure you can live safely and comfortably once back in your own home.

Intermediate care provides care and support for a short time to help you recover from an illness or treatment and increase your independence.

This type of care may help you –

  • Remain at home following an illness or treatment in hospital
  • Recover from a call, acute illness or operation
  • Provide the rehabilitation you need to get you back home
  • Return home more quickly after a hospital stay

Intermediate care is different to other health and social support as it is an intensive, short-term service usually involving a range of professionals.

The team works with you to agree and work towards your goals and how to achieve them. Intermediate Care includes crisis response and re-enablement and can take place in hospital, care home or your own home.

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