Adult Continence Service

About Incontinence
Bladder and bowel problems are extremely common and affect approx. 1 in 4 adults at some point in their lives. In spite of it being a common problem many people feel embarrassed and distressed about it and can be reluctant to seek help.

Seeking help can really improve a persons’ quality of life with the right assessment and treatment programme.

Our Aim
Our aim is to improve, cure or effectively manage your condition. The Continence Service specialises in continence care and provides help and support to patients and carers whilst they are dealing with incontinence.
Care Plus Group Continence Service
The Continence Service consists of nurses experienced in continence care supported by clerical staff who manage the home delivery service.

What we offer
Assessments, development and ongoing review of treatment or management plans for your continence problem
Tips to promote a healthy lifestyle to improve or control symptoms - i.e.changes to diet or fluid intake
Pelvic foor exercise programme
Medicaton advice
Support bladder and bowel training programmes
Provide continence products where applicable
Advice and support with catheter problems
Telephone support for patents and healthcare professionals

The Continence Service will take referrals from patients and carers as well as any health care professional.

Continence Assessments
The continence assessment may be performed by either a member of the Continence Team or by the District Nursing Service. In order for this to take place we will need the following informaton.

A urine sample in a clean container
A 3 day bladder and/or bowel diary which your nurse will show you how to complete

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