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The HOPE Specialist Service, which is a partnership between the Care Plus Falls and Respiratory Services, aims to provide a patient centred one stop shop for people with chronic respiratory diseases, such as Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema (COPD), and older people at risk of falls.

From its inception, the service has been designed and developed through a real co-production approach between a multi-disciplinary specialist team and its users. It pays as much attention to the determinants of ill health as to the ill health itself and has developed by implementing both the word and the spirit of NICE guidelines.

The team, which consists of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, specialist nurse, dietitian, physiotherapy assistants and volunteer expert patients and carers, provides Pulmonary, Post Hip Fracture and Falls rehab programmes within a community setting, including additional falls programmes for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia and Adult Learning Difficulties.

This innovative service is based on a medical model within a social context and offers individually tailored and holistic assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education. Everyone is different and has different needs, so our programmes are tailored to suit the individual, rather than expecting the individual to fit in with a set programme. We also offer home rehabilitation to patients who are unable to attend group sessions.

After completing our programmes, people tell us that they are able to walk further and feel more confident about managing their health issues, such as shortness of breath and balance problems. They are also able to resume the activities of daily living that many take for granted, such as shopping, gardening, playing with grandchildren, going upstairs, walking the dog and dancing.

In addition to rehabilitation, we also provide weekly maintenance sessions for post rehab patients, as well as facilitating social groups such as our Piscatorial Codgers Fishing Club, Grouchy Old Men’s Club and Breathe Easy Support Group, and offering Tai Chi and chair-based exercise classes in the local community.

Essential to the success of the service is our growing team of volunteers, the majority of whom are older people and/or suffer from a chronic disease. Our volunteer Buddies are an extra pair of eyes and ears in rehabilitation sessions, whilst also acting as motivators, mentors and positive role models. They also play a vital part in our Hope 2 Quit smoking cessation clinic for referred patients and their families. As ex-smokers themselves, the Buddies are able to empathise with patients in their efforts to quit. Consequently, our quit rates to date are significantly higher than those of traditional smoking cessation services.

Other volunteers work within the local community, raising awareness about falls prevention and chronic respiratory conditions. They use a barrage of social marketing to truly engage the older people of North East Lincolnshire about falls prevention and healthy lifestyle choices and also carry out lung health checks and walking aid assessments and give out advice and information.

Volunteers and staff also work together on the board of the Hope Street Trust, the registered charity established in 2007 to support the work of the Hope Specialist Service. The charity has made a massive difference to Hope Street, for example raising more than £30,000 to pay for our Upsy Daisy Garden, which provides a safe and stimulating outdoor area in which patients can exercise, as well an allotment area with greenhouse and raised beds, where people of all ages and disabilities will be able to safely enjoy gardening. In the long-term, we hope that the garden will provide the majority of the fruit and vegetables used inHope Street’s Educating Eater café.

The service is based at Hope Street Medical Centre inGrimsby, with a satellite Pulmonary Rehabilitation base at the Pilgrim Primary Care Centre in Immingham.

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  • HOPE Specialist Service
    Location The Val Waterhouse Centre
    41-43 Kent Street
    DN32 7DH

  • HOPE Specialist Service
    Telephone 01472 313400
  • HOPE Specialist Service
    Opening Hours Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm
  • HOPE Specialist Service
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