Intermediate Care at Home

Intensive short-term support in the home

Intermediate Tier – Getting you back to where you want to be

Intermediate Care at Home is part of the Care Plus Group Intermediate Tier group of services. It is a short term service for adults focusing on promoting independence.
The service is provided in people’s own homes and provides support in building an individual’s confidence in improving their mobility and all daily living skills to enable a return back to a lifestyle of choice.
The service provides support from 7am – 10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for people living within the boundary of North East Lincolnshire.


What is Intermediate Care at Home?

Start (Short Term and Re – enablement Team)
Support to regain independence following an illness or a sudden change in circumstances.

The team is made up of Admission and Discharge Co-ordinators, Integrated Support Officers, Integrated Support Workers and, Assistant Practitioners who will work with you to promote your independence and enable you to remain at home.

This may be following a fall, acute illness or an operation. We will work with you to practice doing things on your own.

We aim to achieve the best possible outcomes with you and for you by working in partnership with your family, carers, other integrated health and social care professionals such as nurses, therapists, social workers and anyone else relevant to improving your health and well-being.


Working in partnership with YOU and FOR YOU

You can expect to receive the following level of respect from all our staff:

  • You will be treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • You will be asked how you would like to be addressed
  • You will be treated as an equal without discrimination
  • Staff will ensure you are listened to and your choices respected
  • Your privacy will be maintained at all times
  • Assumptions will not be made about your likes and dislikes
  • Your life experiences and past skills and knowledge will be respected
  • Support will be provided should you experience any illness, pain or distress
  • Any concerns; queries or complaints will be treated seriously


The Val Waterhouse Centre
41-43 Kent Street
DN32 7DH

Contact us

01472 256 221

Opening Hours

Intermediate Care at Home Service is based every day at The Val Waterhouse Centre from 7.00am to 10.00pm Monday – Sunday and Bank Holidays

Accessing this Service

Access by the public to Intermediate Care at Home is only through the Single Point of Access (01472) 256256, Discharge Team and external professionals and is subject to an assessment by a health or social care professional.


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