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Older People’s Collaborative

Improving the health and wellbeing of our older residents across North East Lincolnshire

The Statistics tell us that our area of North East Lincolnshire is one of the most deprived councils in England. This means that some of our older people are the poorest and sickest in the country.

This poverty and deprivation creates a resilience that means there is creativity amongst our residents to overcome adversity. On the other hand some of the most vulnerable people in our communities can become depressed and oppressed with their situation.

Our community teams work with numerous different agencies and create many different opportunities for older people to change their circumstances and increase their health & wellbeing.

During the time our programme has been running, our teams are responsible for:

  • Opening several weekly social clubs and lunch clubs
  • Creating a new age kurling league
  • Holding tea dances and much more.

Our Winter initiative ‘Snug as a Bug’ has seen us targeting older people and offering advice on keeping warm, keeping well and keeping safe.

For further information about the collaborative please contact Rachel Buckley on (01472) 232267.

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