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Coronary Heart Disease & Pre-diabetes Collaborative

Raising awareness of the risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes

The Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) collaborative works across North East Lincolnshire to raise awareness of risk factors relating to coronary heart disease.

The collaborative particularly focus on trying to encourage people who have not already had blood pressure checks to have them by offering them in community settings.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) puts a strain on the heart and can lead to coronary heart disease.

Heart disease often does not display any symptoms, but with early detection, individuals have been successfully and easily treated.

Pre-Diabetes Programme

The team also run a programme on pre-diabetes,  which includes encouraging people to complete a diabetes risk assessment to assess their risk of having type 2 diabetes now and developing in the future.

Within the first year of this programme being piloted, the team were recognised with a national Quality Care Award 2015 for ‘Best Initiative for the Prevention, or Early Detection, of Diabetes or its complications’.


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