Skin Integrity Service

The Skin Integrity Service (sometimes referred to as the Tissue Viability Team) provides specialist clinical advice, education and support to all individuals relating to wounds and wound care. The team is based at the Cleethorpes Primary Care Centre but covers the whole of North East Lincolnshire.

This includes people who are receiving care from GP’s, District Nurses, Practice Nurses and Nurses employed in the private sector.

The team works closely with other health care professionals, family /carers to agree a care plan that is achievable and practical to encourage the best outcomes.

We also provide training for health care professionals to support them in caring for people who are at high risk of tissue breakdown; people who have complex wounds and those who have delayed healing.

Our Aim

Our aim is to promote the best possible treatment options for non-healing wounds in order to improve patient health and quality of life.

Who is eligible?

The service is available for people who are registered with a GP and residing in North East Lincolnshire and who have a wound that has delayed healing.

Some wounds take longer to heal than others and factors like other health problems can affect how a wound heals.

  • We see patients with all types of wounds and your health care professional will be able to tell you if you qualify for our services.
  • If the wound is a leg ulcer, it should have been present for at least 12 weeks and appropriate tests should have been carried out by your health care professional prior to referral.

These tests may include a Doppler test, full leg ulcer assessment and relevant blood tests.

If you are already under the care of another speciality or being seen actively by a Consultant e.g. Vascular / Dermatology / Plastics / Podiatry you may not be eligible to be treated by the Team, unless that specialist specifically requests or refers your case directly to us.

Discharge Criteria

Every individual and case is different and will receive treatment and support from The Skin Integrity Team for as long as is needed.

The Team will plan your discharge when you have achieved one or more of the following criteria –

  • An initial assessment has been undertaken with a follow up visit (if required) and / or verbal advice has been given.
  • The wound is now stable following specialist intervention and their health care professional
  • The wound is progressing or expected to progress and it is anticipated that it will proceed to healing if the treatment plan is followed.
  • Healing is not the anticipated outcome for the wound or the presenting symptoms are outside the clinical expertise of the Skin Integrity Team. In this instance the Specialist Nurse will ensure, prior to discharge, that the relevant referrals are requested.


Cleethorpes Primary Care Centre,
St Hugh’s Ave,
North East Lincolnshire
DN35 8EB

Contact us

01472 256765

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8.30am – 4.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Accessing this Service

Referrals from Community Practitioners such as GP’s and Community Nurses
Members of the public can contact the team for advice, self-care information and support


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