Hope Specialist Falls Service

Keeping you mobile and building confidence following falls

Falls are the most common accident in the home and there are many factors that can affect balance and mobility including medical conditions, certain medications and even diet.

Many people who have suffered a fall find that their confidence is affected and this can result in avoiding going out and becoming less mobile.

Our Falls Service is a referral service from a GP, nurse or other health practitioner. You will be referred to us if you have recently had a fall, or series of falls and your doctor, nurse or other health practitioner feels that you would benefit from our specialist service.

HOPE Falls PRevention Service


What can we offer?

HOPE Specialist Falls Service offers a number of options designed to help improve mobility, stability and confidence.

The programme is tailored to your needs and abilities, so no matter how little you can do, we can design a programme to help. We will aim to set goals together and you will be monitored throughout the programme to ensure your safety.

HOPE Specialist falls ServiceThe type of exercise you will do entirely depends on you, but the overall aim will be to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility, balance and co-ordination. You will be part of a small group of older people, with a wide age range from people in their sixties to late nineties. It is therefore important to remember that you are all individuals and some will be able to do more than others.

We aim to modify everyday activities, so it may well entail something as simple as sit to stands or having a short walk. It may include exercises for your arms as well as your legs and we will aim to increase your strength and endurance gradually over the eight-week programme. The advice you are given should enable you to do the exercises at home as well.

Falls Rehabilitation Programme

Our Falls Rehabilitation Service is an eight week, twice weekly programme of strength and balance exercises, delivered by our specialist Falls team and expert volunteers.

We are now delivering gym-based face-to-face Falls Rehabilitation programmes again (with some COVID restrictions in place), but we also offer Remote Rehab via Zoom for patients who feel unable to participate in face-to-face groups.

Specialist Falls Clinic

For patients presenting with a mechanical / functional reason for falls that cannot be identified or treated by mainstream community services or for patients presenting with dizziness of a non-medical origin. The Falls Service also provides:

  • Home visits, assessments and rehabilitation
  • Walking aid assessments

“It has given me the confidence to go to the shop on my own. I’ve got my confidence back.”

“I am able to do the exercises without worrying that I may fall, because of the way the clinic has taught me to THINK first.”

Clubs and Activities

Our Falls Service also runs a number of social and maintenance activities including:

Tai Chi – weekly sessions at our gym and community venues

Chair Based Exercise – weekly sessions in the community

Piscatorial Codgers Fishing Club – support group for elderly and / or disabled who want to go fishing but cannot do so without help

Grouchy Old Men’s Club – social club for older men (held outside the fishing season)

Click here to find out more about our HOPE activities and clubs

Falls Buddies

Our Falls Buddies are vital to the service because many of them are either former patients who have suffered falls or people who have the experience of caring for a family member who has fallen. This means they may understand what you are thinking and feeling because have been through it themselves.

Many of our patients report that they are able to talk to the Buddies about things they would not feel comfortable discussing with a health professional.

Life after Falls Rehab

We want you to maintain the improvement you will see after our 8 week programme, so we run weekly maintenance sessions where you can continue to use our exercise equipment in a safe and supervised environment.


The Val Waterhouse Centre
41 – 43 Kent Street
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Contact us

01472 313400

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm

Accessing this Service

Referral by GP, nurse or other health practitioner.
The Hope Specialist Falls Service is for older people aged 60 or over and living in their own home/group dwellings.
People under the age of 60, or over 60 but living in residential/care homes should be referred to the Community Therapy team.

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