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Speech and Language Services

Supporting adults with communication, eating, drinking and swallowing

Speech and Language therapists Care Plus GroupSpeech and Language Therapists provide advice, assessment, intervention, training and support regarding communication and eating, drinking and swallowing problems.

They also lead on the use of Signalong and other communication systems for people with a learning disability.

The team is headed up by our highly specialise speech and language therapist, Gerlind Tredinnick.

What speech and language services can we provide?


We support communication using a variety of techniques including –

  • Objects
  • Symbols
  • Pictures
  • Gestures and signing
  • Vocalisation (noises)
  • Electronic aids

We work with each individual and their preferred way of communicating.

We work closely with the individual, their family, support staff and other professionals.

The aim of our communication work is to help people with disabilities and learning difficulties to be able to communicate their wants and needs, opinions, choices and share information that is important to them.

This all helps to support the individual with their rights, inclusion and independence.

Eating & Drinking

We provide help with people who find it difficult to chew or swallow, or cough when they eat or drink.

We help by giving ideas to make food more interesting to eat, or offer equipment ideas to make it easier to make and eat meals.

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